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Imie: Sonic Płeć: mężczyzna Wiek: 25
Historyczna: nie
Biografia: Race: Human
Alias: Sonic
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Z-City
Abilities: Superhuman Speed and Agility
Weapons: Ninja equipment
Occupation: Bodyguard (former, now a villian)
Affiliation: Mr. Monier (former)
Debut: Chapter 12
Speed of Sound Sonic (音速のソニック Onkun no Soniku) is a villian in the series, first appearing as a bodyguard hired by Mr. Monier. He views Saitama as his eternal rival.
Appearance: Sonic is a thin, slightly effeminate man, who despite his slender build is extremelly strong and fast. He has black medium length hair that is tied up in a topknot. One noticable feature is that he has two black marks under his eyes, one under each. He first appears wearing a tight black outfit highlighted by metal plating on the shins, fore-arms, shoulders and chest, as well as a long red scarf. He is shown later in black street clothes. He always carries a ninjato and other ninja equipment such as kunai and ninja stars.
Personality: Sonic is a villian who, despite his normally calm appearance, loves fighting strong opponents as shown by when he gets a "child-like smile" on his face when he first meets Saitama and has two of his attacks blocked, earlier calling this his "bad habit." He seems to be very quick to act as he attacks Saitama on their first meeting without letting him explain the situation.
(Source: One Punch-Man Wikia)



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