Osoba: AOP

Imię: AOP
Biografia: Anime "Katte ni" Ouen Project (アニメ"勝手に"応援プロジェクト), abbreviated as AOP (A応P), is an idol group produced by Nikkei Entertainment! which was introduced at Tokyo Game Show 2012. They recommend anime and talk about its appeal points through TV, radio, magazines, events, and the Internet. Their debut single "Never Say Never/Ari no Mama MY WAY (Never Say Never / アリノママMY WAY)" was released on April 5, 2013.
- Risa Sakurana (桜奈 里彩)
- Kei Tomoe (巴 奎依)
- Yuuki Hirose (広瀬 ゆうき)
- Saori Ogino (荻野 沙織)
- Misae Komori (小森 未彩)
- Saki Shimizukawa (清水川 沙季)
Former members:
- Yuriko Hizaki (樋崎 悠里子)
Twitter: @AOP_animelove